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Yasho Industries Annual Report 2023 Summary

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

  • Over the past 30 years, we have established a strong reputation and achieved consistent growth in global markets despite industry challenges.

  • Our business model has proven to be resilient, allowing us to succeed even in the face of macroeconomic difficulties. While staying true to our core strengths, we are also actively seeking new opportunities that align with our business objectives.

  • In particular, we have experienced significant growth in the value-added chemicals sector & believe it holds great potential for us. Our focus on enhancing our technical capabilities & investing in R&D has been instrumental in driving our growth & profitability.

  • To ensure sustainable growth, we are focusing on enhancing our value-added portfolio, improving operational efficiency, and optimizing costs. Additionally, we are expanding our manufacturing capacities to support our growth objectives.

  • Our upcoming greenfield project in Pakhajan, Gujarat is progressing well and will soon begin production. This expansion in industrial chemicals will not only enhance our product offerings but also enable us to serve a wide range of industries worldwide.

  • Manufacture 148 products spanning five business verticals - Food Antioxidants, Aroma Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Lubricant Additives, and Specialty Chemicals.

  • 65% revenue comes from exports to USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

  • We currently operate 3 cutting-edge mfg facilities in Vapi, Gujarat with a combined capacity of 12,500 MTPA. To meet growing global demand, we are expanding our production capabilities and have acquired land in Dahej, Gujarat for a greenfield expansion project in 2 phases.

  • Following this expansion, the total capacity of the Company will stand at 29,500 MT. Overall capex for the Phase I expansion is approximately Rs. 400 Crore which includes land and other necessary investments required to set up this greenfield project.

  • We foresee a robust demand for specialty chemicals in the coming years, and are, therefore, investing in new products and infrastructure to capitalise on the emerging opportunities.

  • As we are about to commence production at our new Pakhajan site, we continue to improve our product mix from our existing facilities which are operating at full capacity. Our primary goal is to ramp up our existing capacity to an optimum level.

  • Growth this year was driven by an improved product mix, better realization, and capacity expansion post debottlenecking despite the sharp rise in raw material and finished product prices. Our focus on industrial chemicals has been paying off well.

  • We are actively engaged in the development of several new products, which are currently at different stages of approval. We anticipate making substantial improvements to our product mix by leveraging the potential of our existing facilities.



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