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Rategain Travel Technologies Annual Report 2023 Summary

1. RateGain stands as a beacon in the AI-driven world, while operating in over 100 countries and steering the travel and hospitality businesses through digital disruptions and toward greater success.

2. Our ability to process such diverse and voluminous data at an impressive scale is bolstered by a reliable technology platform, with an uptime of up to 99.9%.It positions us to empower the industry to leverage AI with highly accurate insights, facilitating the unlocking of new revenue streams through seamless guest acquisition, retention, and wallet share expansion.

3. Travel providers whom we serve

i. 2,443 Hotel Brands (including 23 of the top 30)

ii. 144 OTAs (including 25 of the top 30)

iii. 355 Travel Brands (including DMOs, Car Rentals, Airlines, Cruises and Package Providers)

4. Our vision is to be the leading revenue maximization operating system which offers an integrated technology stack that enables the travel industry to accelerate their revenue through acquisition, retention and wallet share expansion.

5. In 2022, RateGain introduces a new feature that can reduce the data requirement of a Company by identifying shopping patterns and changes in prices to only shop prices that have changed.

6. In 2023, RateGain builds the world’s largest travel-intent and pricing data platform with the acquisition of Adara

7. It has been a great year for RateGain on many fronts and for this. “With our recent acquisitions, we are building unique and complementary capabilities across business segments that will further strengthen our moat and foster the ability to be the preferred technology partner for our customers".

8. Committed to creating value for our shareholders, we delivered significant expansion in our operating margins to 15.0% up from 8.3% in the previous year outperforming key metrics like LTV to CAC, revenue per employee and many more.

9. To ensure that we sustain this performance and adapt to a constantly evolving environment, we continue to revisit, re-learn and recalibrate our approach by adjusting our capital allocation with a focus to drive value.

10. The expansion of both revenue and margins is a result of the inherent nature of SaaS business as scale brings operating leverage. This contributed to our key metric Net Retention Rate (NRR) continuing to be high at 110.4%, marginally lower than last year due to a favorable base effect.

11. With the ‘Revenge Travel’ trend firmly behind us, we continue to witness robust demand for travel globally with consumers not willing to compromise on having experiences and travel being the highest priority on their discretionary spend. 75% of European & North American respondents from surveys indicated they would maintain or increase their travel spend in 2023.

12. RateGain, with its ability to access real-time data at scale, has an advantage over competitors. It can use this advantage to not only enhance its own AI-powered data system but also offer APIs to the travel industry for improving various aspects of travel. This presents RateGain with a significant opportunity for growth and impact.

13. We understand the need for building scale and as travel comes back after years of low performance, the one thing they would need immediately is reliable, secure, and high-performance infrastructure to elevate the customer experience. In line with this, we have focused over the last year to augment our cloud and security capabilities by starting our migration to AWS for our connectivity platform as well as acquiring leading cyber-security solutions to build a unified and robust security architecture across business lines.

14. RateGain now is one of the largest processors of travel data across airlines, car rentals, travel agencies, hotels and cruise liners helping commercial teams make better decisions, and with brands looking to get more control we only see the need for our DaaS offerings increasing in the near future.

15. Advertisers need reliable intent that they can target and generate higher ROI from different platforms, however, struggle to do that with the current dependence of a few platforms. Our recent acquisition of Adara(Adara that process first-party data from over 300 brands and has access to 1.8 billion digital entities) solves that for our existing customers. It complements our existing Martech offering by further augmenting the target audience for digital marketing campaigns and this is a huge moat for our comprehensive digital marketing offering going forward.

16. We continue to drive synergies and identify new opportunities in this space, as the reset of consumer behavior opens the space for new players to emerge and challenge the existing way of running digital marketing and that is where the opportunity for RateGain lies.

17. We generate revenue from subscription, transaction, and hybrid models. 75% of our revenues in FY 2022-23 came from the subscription model, thereby ensuring high revenue predictability. The transaction model enables us to gain from growing booking volumes with the rise in demand in hospitality and travel. We also sell services under the hybrid model, allowing us to benefit from both models.

18. In FY 2022-23

i. Enhanced offerings with the addition of Paid Media and Google Display Network as well as the acquisition of Adara strengthened the value proposition for hotel partners and are helping drive higher ROI

ii. Improved traction in the Asia Pacific and Middle East region with consolidation in North America.

iii. Joint case study with Google launched for increasing RoI on direct bookings.

19. Value creation for shareholders

Revenue growth 54.2% Y-O-Y

177.0% EBITDA growth Y-O-Y

Driving business value and sustainability

₹1,308.0 million New contract wins

90.1% Gross revenue retention

110.4% Net revenue retention

292 New customer additions (taking the total to 2,942)

200 billion+ Transactions handled by the distribution platform in FY 2022-23 with zero downtime

13 Products

6 billion+ Price points tracked by solutions



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